In the past I made music all on my own, with my violin, laptop and loop pedals - I made records which I self-financed and hit the road on trains and buses, hauling cases and playing shows just using what equipment I had and what my pocketbook would allow. In recent times however, my musical ideas have grown and expanded - I have been composing for string orchestras, choirs, ensembles, and making collaborations with poets, dancers, artists and other musicians. To make these bigger and more exciting projects come to light I have gathered a community of patrons, all lovers of music who are interested in helping provide funds for each project, interacting directly with the creative process as it happens with their ideas and thoughts, and in turn receiving all the music and much more bonus material. I'd love you to join my community and be a valuable co-creator on future projects.



For $1 per project, you will be a part of the patreon community, getting access to the patron-only feed where I regularly share what is happening, thoughts, ideas and videos, and you can leave your comments. Most importantly you will get downloadable mp3s of all recordings made, and first viewings of all films


For $5 per project you will get access of course to the patron-only feed where you can interact and leave comments on all things, all the downloadable mp3s of recordings and first-view videos, but also scans from my composers notebook, offering a window into the process of making the music, writings, sketches, screen-grabs from my recording sessions.




For $10 per project you will get access to the patron-only feed, of course all downloadable mp3 recordings and first views of films, and the scans from my composers' notebook. In addition to this you will get pdfs of all the sheet music (you may be a musician yourself, or in an ensemble who would like to perform my works) and be able to interact with the recording and rehearsal process in real-time by being invited to view the live webcasts of recording and rehearsal sessions where you can post comments, and ask questions during our 'tea break talks'.

Joining as a patron helps to enable projects such as  the 'Last Dance' Bach collaboration come to light, and also allows me to think big, and put out more and more music.